collected – last year

Here are some things that taught me something, or many things, last year. An amassed resource of astrology, books, meditations, podcasts, articles and essays that may or may not pique your interest, pick your brain, and help you practice sitting. Insight Timer: First things first: last year, I started a daily and continuing practice of… Continue reading collected – last year

there is a crack in everything

At the end of September - a while ago, now, because in blog world time passes faster than Earth world, or something like that - I sat my first Vipassana. You might know Vipassana as a ten day meditation where you cannot speak, make eye contact, read or write. I lovingly deemed it voluntary meditation… Continue reading there is a crack in everything

collected – august

In the spirit of encouraging myself to blog more in the face of laziness, busy-ness, and perfectionism, here is a balls to the wall collection of things that passed through my mind in August. Thoughts: I enjoyed this article on "Athleisure, barre and kale: the tyranny of the ideal woman" as a thought provoking piece,… Continue reading collected – august