luna guide: oaxaca city, mexico

Oaxaca City is so beautiful. Alongside the physical beauty--of bountiful blue skies and bougainvilleas, cobblestones and colonial buildings--there is a strong indigenous presence in the city's culture and people. Then add in the stellar street food and markets, tacos and tlayudas--and Oaxaca takes it another level. I stayed in Oaxaca for a month to visit… Continue reading luna guide: oaxaca city, mexico

electric blue compilation

The heat in Oaxaca is intense. This winter somehow rivals Australian summer - if not in actual degrees, then at least in the harshness of the sun. Here, too, are rays so bright as to sneak behind sunglasses and glare off car windows in the street. I find myself pressing up against slivers of shade… Continue reading electric blue compilation

flowers & chai

Devaraja Market Mysore

Mornings are easygoing. I wake up at dawn, when the streetlamps are still shining orange; change into my yoga clothes (with little room for indecision between white t-shirts); walk a quiet two blocks to the yoga center, past neighbors picking up milk for that day's chai; and sit under palms and the rapidly lightening sky… Continue reading flowers & chai