Yoga opened my heart up to the blissful, interconnected substratum of the universe: the very thing that has been within us, and without us, all along.

I attended my first yoga class at the age of 14, and began practicing in earnest after struggling with depression and mental health in high school. At 20 years old, I was studying in New York and going through another rough patch. Something pushed me–or perhaps, I pushed myself–to pursue a path more aligned with my purpose. A few months later, I headed off to Mysore, India, to study classical hatha and yoga philosophy.

In May 2017, I completed my first teacher training at Radiantly Alive, Bali. Since then, my yoga teaching journey has taken me from Guatemala to Melbourne, from Berlin to Mexico, and back to Taipei, where it all started–gathering experience and diving deeper along the way.


2016年我在印度麥索爾一個月與Yogacharya Venkatesh學習傳統哈達瑜伽; 2017年我在峇里島 Radiantly Alive完成 200小時的師資培訓; 之後在墨爾本完成陰瑜伽Level 1的師資培訓。結業後我有在瓜地馬拉,墨爾本和柏林不同環境的教學經驗。


My current schedule. Or contact me.

I teach vinyasa, yin yang, yoga stretch, and yin. I feel comfortable teaching in a hot environment, and love introducing beginners to yoga, too. No matter the style or the amount of sweat—my classes are heart-centered and include seated meditation and mindful practices when appropriate.

As a teacher, my aim is to inspire a state of self-embodiment and radiate an accepting atmosphere. I am soft yet strong, lighthearted and prone to laughter, too. In the classroom, I love creating a nurturing and nourishing ambience for the practice. This is achieved through my use of voice, storytelling, sequencing, thoughtful playlists, and an awareness of the students’ needs.

主要教學類型:流瑜伽,慢流瑜伽,陰瑜伽;我也喜歡教瑜伽初學者。無論課的難度流汗與否,我的課程非常尊重瑜伽的傳統。在適合的情況下會加入靜坐冥想,讓學生體驗的pranayama 和 yoga nidra 練習。課程中,我會營造滋養的氛圍,以幽默活潑的方式分享,讓學生可以得到啟發,發掘每個人潛力的體現。

My teaching and my life have been greatly influenced by the teachers I have studied with (formally or informally) throughout this yoga journey so far. I was first inspired to explore a deeper side of yoga by the wonderful Kajuan Douglas, who is based in New York, as well as the teachers at Space Yoga Taipei and Jivamukti Yoga Berlin. The past few years, I have been on the path of the divine feminine, somatics, and embodiment.

October 2016 monthlong Classical Hatha Intensive included asana, an intimate study of the yoga sutras, and pranayama techniques. Taught by Yogacharya Venkatesh at Atmavikasa in Mysore, India.

May 2017 200hr Yoga Alliance teacher training in a dynamic vinyasa practice with an emphasis on personal healing. Taught by Les Leventhal at Radiantly Alive, Bali.

May 2019 30hr foundational Yin training, focus on teaching techniques. Taught by Truth Robinson at Power Living, Melbourne.

October 2020 100hr Women’s Yoga Teacher Training, part of a longer 300hr training. Learning about the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, therapeutic practices and holistic lifestyle techniques. Taught by Michelle Chu at Space Yoga, Taipei.

Other trainings include Embodied Leadership Training with the Wildgrace Movement (3 days); Somatic Stress Release Level 1 with Dr. Scott Lyons (30hr); Infinite Circularities: Massage & Myofascial Release at the Yoga Barn, Bali (30hr); as well as additional workshops and immersions with teachers Tara Judelle, Cat Kabira, and Richard Freeman.

My yoga teaching and practice style are an amalgamation of the teachers who have inspired and taught me, my life experiences, and my passions: from mindfulness and meditation, to healing and dancing, to holistic health and wellness, to cyclical womb wisdom, to astrology and celestial thinking, to music and art and words and poetry.

Although my yoga is not lineage-based or traditional per se, it held in deep reverence for the sources of wisdom–the Yoga Sutras, the Vedas, Buddhism, non-dualistic philosophy–that awakened this consciousness to the simple/profound sense of wonderment/continuation in the microcosmic and macrocosmic workings of our universe, the path of love.

I am currently teaching at studios The Key Yoga and Innerspace, and the gym Dynasty, in Taipei. My current schedule. Also available for private classes and events.

Past experience:

Dec. 2017-2019 – Blooming Happy Yoga – taught indoor and outdoor classes in Melbourne and Berlin, to a large group of students of all levels, beginners friendly, uplifting sequences. Brave Yoga, Melbourne – taught heated power flow at this intimate boutique studio with a focus on welcoming the whole community and creative sequences. I also covered classes at Little Mandarin Yoga, a bilingual boutique studio in Melbourne.

March 2020 – taught daily vinyasa and slow flow classes at Hostel Tribu, on Isla Holbox, Mexico. Aug-Oct 2017 – taught 1.5 hr vinyasa flow and beginners yoga at La Plataforma de Yoga, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

Let’s breathe together ~ 讓我們一起流動!



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