2020 – year in review – pt. 2

Here are some things that delighted, enriched, or enlightened me this past year, as well as some tips and tweaks and lifestyle things that I will keep taking forward with me, and do truly recommend. Books: The Lover by Marguerite Duras - one of my favorite books now. A quick read, the beautiful prose drops… Continue reading 2020 – year in review – pt. 2

self care magic

Recent expressions of gratitude and effluvient love for the universe. In the spirit of giving thanks and thanks giving, y'all. Here are some curated-but-not-cured, raw-as-activated-almonds kind of thoughts, collected from my notebooks. ~ My tears are my prayers. Happy or sad, they cleanse me. The elements as they exist in the body. The earth cries… Continue reading self care magic