here is a message from me, to you, through the universe:

all is well, all is transmuting.
all that we are manifesting is a part of the dream,
the dream is a sensing of that which is already orbiting.
the planets & the stars align,
i am all that has ever been mine.
the universe is coding and consolidating, creating and collapsing
in straight rows of data and flowing, fecund, volcanic form—
how? how? how amazing—
i do not know, but i am.

i am, that.
i am that, and also—
not this.

so we keep lighting the furnace inside, our celestial bloodline kindling—
and surrender, to radiance, in every branch of the lineage. in every soul still orbiting,
in every cell of this being.

a vessel for :

syncretic – metaphysical – embodied – wisdom – connection – beauty

aka :



lunar grooving