the april when time showed its true colors

Hi again. Here are some thoughts on how the month of April played out. Quick mini-announcement and celebration! I had a poem published in my favorite poetry journal, Cordite. You can read it here--make sure to check out the rest of the issue, too. ~ At some point between my quarantine at the end of… Continue reading the april when time showed its true colors

luna guide: oaxaca city, mexico

Oaxaca City is so beautiful. It has bountiful blue skies and bougainvilleas, cobblestones and colonial buildings. In addition to physical beauty--a strong indigenous presence in the culture makes it truly special, in addition to stellar street food and markets, tacos and tlayudas! I stayed in Oaxaca for a month to visit friends and study Spanish,… Continue reading luna guide: oaxaca city, mexico

collected – last year

Here are some things that taught me something, or many things, last year. An amassed resource of astrology, books, meditations, podcasts, articles and essays that may or may not pique your interest, pick your brain, and help you practice sitting. Insight Timer: First things first: last year, I started a daily and continuing practice of… Continue reading collected – last year